On this page you will find more info about the AQUA CLEAN Compact series of parts washers: main application, construction and function, technical specifications and available accessories and features.


The COMPACT-series is for washing (without rinsing) of components when your cleaning requirements can be fulfilled with a 1-stage process. The system is mainly used for washing of components in maintenance workshops and performing simple cleaning tasks in the machine working industry.


These parts washers are manufactured in stainless steel and consist of a heat insulated enclosed cabinet. Standard features are a rotating spray system, a load carriage, a hinged door and a tank system.

The cleaning process is carried out with a rotating spray system with built-in nozzles. The heated wash liquid is sprayed onto the components from all directions with a high mechanical effect. The liquid is then filtered inside the machine and re-circulated back to the tank. All maintenance points in the machine are easily accessible.

The Compact-series parts washers are available with a Hinged Door (HD) and Lifting Door (LD):

  • Both versions include a standard load carriage inside
  • In the HD version, the open door serves as the loading platform
  • For the LD version, a loading platform or a wheeled load trolley is located in front of the unit


  • Excellent washing quality
  • Compact size
  • Easy operation and maintenance


  • Small and medium sized components
  • Washing without rinsing
  • Maintenance and small scale production

The AQUA CLEAN Compact series can be supplied with optional accessories, to achieve further benefits. 

Oil Skimmer OS-AC Separates oil from the wash liquid with a rotating disc Increased wash liquid life
Oil Separator OS Separates oil from the wash liquid after the washing process Increased wash liquid life
Loading Platform LP Loading and unloading platform for the load carriage, when with Lifting Door LD Added ergonomics
Load Trolley LT Wheeled trolley for transporting the load carriage Increased productivity
By-pass filter CF Pumps liquid through filter unit, returns filtered liquid into the tank via spray bars fitted with nozzles Prevents pariculate build up and sedimentation on the bottom of tank
Fine filter FF Liquid is pumped through a full-flow filter with pressure switch and alarm Improved wash quality
Automatic Water Refill AT Monitors and maintains proper tank liquid level Helps ensure wash quality
Dosing System DU Adds selected amount of detergent when filling tank Helps ensure wash quality
Steam Extractor AF Extracts steam from washing cabinet after the washing process Steam-free door opening
Steam Condenser FX Extracts and cools down steam and leads back to water tank Easier installation and machine mobility
Motor Driven Spray MD Rotates the spray system at set speed Improved wash quality
Safety sensor for door TI When triggered, a safety sensor stops door movement and fully opens door Increased safety
Spray Gun and Lance SL Spray gun and lance installed on the side of the machine Enables manual spraying of objects
Width /mm 1700 2210 1800 2190
Depth B /mm 1330 1830 1480 1900
Depth B1 /mm 950 1140 1150 1520
Height C /mm 2050 2320 2070 2300
Height C1 /mm 850 910 860 910
Height C2 /mm 700 900 700 900
Height C3 /mm 2180 2640 2890 3380
Carriage L x W mm 900 1300 900 1300
Component max L x W mm 900 1300 900 1300
Component max height mm 700 900 700 900
Component max diameter mm 900 1300 900 1300
Carriage load capacity kg 500 700 500 700


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