On this page you will find more info about our parts washing systems: the main benefits, industry sectors and a description of our product range.


Excellent Washing Quality

The hot washliquid (combination of water and alkaline based detergent) is sprayed onto the components from all directions via a rotating spray system with built-in nozzles. This removes dirty and grease efficiently and effectively.

High Productivity

Elevated spray pressure and temperature, combined with a high flow of the washing solution, enhances the mechanical degreasing effect of the wate-based solution. The high temparature also reduces the drying time of the components after the wash cycle.

The Environment

The washing process is a closed system, minimising the environmental impact. The alkaline wash solution is re-circulated, cleaned and filtered between cycles, which means that the requirement to change the liquid is less frequent, thus using the same solution for longer, also saving you time and money. We are happy to assist you in the selection of materials and detergents that are less harmful for the environment.


We focus mainly on these industry sectors:

  • Aerospace: Both Production and MRO
  • Metal Working Industry
  • Railway and Automotive Maintenance



The COMPACT-series is for aqueous washing (without rinsing) of small and medium sized components, typically in a maintenance environment.


The SINGLE-series is for aqueous washing (without rinsing) of medium sized and large components, typically in a production environment with a higher degree of automation needs.


The MULTI-series is for washing and rinsing of medium sized and large components, where your cleanliness standards require both washing and rinsing. Also, certain processes themselves require a multi stage process, e.g. iron phosphating.


The HIGH FLOW-series is for washing (with or without rinsing) of parts in bulk and components with complicated geometry. The machine features a rotating basket for the cleaning process. The machines are mainly used in production environments as a final process where there is a high cleanliness requirement. There are many special features available, such as ultrasonic cleaning, vacuum drying and transporter systems.


The AVIATION-series features solutions for the aerospace industry, used in production and MRO workshops. We have delivered systems to workshops in Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Far East. Our customers include Aeroflot, Airbus, Agusta Westland, Emirates, Finnair, Lufthansa and SAS.


We also offer cleaning systems for bogies, wheelsets, engines, filters etc for the railway industry - metro, train and tram workshops. We have delivered systems to workshops in Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Far East. Our customers include EuroMaint, SweMaint, TMB Barcelona, Metropolitana de Lisboa, Lucchini, Dubai Metro, Doha Metro Qatar, SBS Transit, Singapore and Bangkok Metro. You can also read about us on these websites:


Special systems are made according to customer specific needs and requirements. It can range from a modified version of a standard machine, or a completely bespoke solution depending on your needs.


When you need high throughput capacity and integration into your production process, the solution is a Tunnel system. There are several models, depending on your conveyor width and speed requirements. In addition to washing, functions such as rinsing, drying and cooling can be added.


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