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Efficient and enviromental friendly industrial cleaners. We have solutions for Aerospace, Metal, Railway and Automotive Industries.

We solve washing problems technically, holistically, respecting the environment and saving energy. We don’t just make washing machines – we offer total solutions.

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SU-200 suction device

If the pieces to be cleaned contain bottom holes, the problem is often that the holes are difficult to empty after cleaning without soiling the piece again. Aqua Clean has developed the SU-200 suction device solution, which makes it easy to empty holes quickly without messing up the piece again. Ask more about our sales […]


AQUA CLEAN to deliver Cylinder Block Cleaning Line to AGCO Power

Aqua Clean Oy has signed an agreement to deliver a Cylinder Block Cleaning Line to AGCO Power Inc’s engine factory in Linnavuori, Finland, and by so doing, has received one of it’s largest ever orders.  The new cleaning line will consist of a deburring unit (deburring and pre-cleaning cylinder blocks post machining by a robotic […]


Aqua Clean in You Tube

Now you can watch our a new video from ACV-1.7-C24-3-SD2 model. This is 3-stage washing machine, what include manual T-conveyor, Load Trolley and much more practical options.

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