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Aqua Clean BRC

The BRC-series are our solution to production applications where there are demanding cleanliness and drying requirements, and when the components are bulky and have a complicated geometry. This means that it’s not enough to clean the components external surfaces, but rather inside and out.

The machine is manufactured in stainless steel and consists of a cabinet with a rotating basket fixture, a tank system and a manual or automatic conveyor system.

The machine sprays the washing liquid with a high flow and pressure into the bath, which creates a strong turbulence. The combination of strong turbulence and a rotating basket results in the washing liquid penetrating into channels, galleries, openings, cavities and blind holes effectively. This cleans very effectively the most complicated components. Functions such as ultrasonic cleaning, blow-off and vacuum drying, as well as transporters, can be applied when necessary. See further below for more options.


  • Excellent washing quality
  • High productivity
  • Flexible for your working environment

Intended for:

  • Metal Working Industry
  • Washing and rinsing components in bulk or with a complicated geometry
  • Final stage of a production process with high cleanliness requirements
  • Iron phosphating
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Available also bigger dimensions, please contact us!

Type 1-Stage: Wash only 2-Stage: Wash and Rinse 3-Stage: Wash, 2 x Rinse
Model BRC 643-1 BRC 865-1 BRC 643-2 BRC 865-2 BRC 643-3 BRC 865-3
Width A mm  1300 1550 1950  2400 2900 3600
Width A1 mm  950  1200  950  1200  950  1200
Width A2 mm  350  350  950  1200  950  1200
Depth B mm 2390  2790  2390  2790  2390  2790
Depth B1 mm  770  920  770  920  770  920
Height C mm 2150  2330  2150  2330  2150  2330
Height C1 mm  950  970  950  970  950  970
Height C2 mm  2420  2880  2420  2880  2420  2880
Height C3 mm 2850 3000 2850 3000 2850 3000
Washing basket depth mm 600 800 600 800 600 800
Washing basket width mm 400 600 400 600 400 600
Washing basket height mm 300 500 300 500 300 500
Load capacity kg 100 300 100 300 100 300


Aqua Clean BRC-series can be supplied with optional accessories, to achieve further benefits


Option Description Benefits
Load Platform LP Mounted in front of the machine, supports the load carriage when it is outside of machine More comfortable and ergonomic operation
Oil Separator OS Separates oil from the wash liquid after the washing process Increased wash liquid life
By-pass filter CF Pumps liquid through filter unit, returns filtered liquid into the tank via spray bars fitted with nozzles Prevents pariculate build up and sedimentation on the bottom of tank
Fine Filter FF Liquid is pumped through a full-flow filter with pressure switch and alarm Keeps solid particles from being sprayed on components
Fluid Solids Separation JPL Effectively remove solids from liquid, which is pumped through the separator and then filtered before returning into the tank Improve wash quality, increase productivity
Dosing System DU Adds required amount of detergent when filling tank Helps ensure wash quality
Safety sensor for door TI When triggered, a safety sensor stops door movement and fully opens door Increased safety
Integrated drying DC Dries the parts after the washing/rinsing process with a fan-heating unit. Increased productivity
Separated drying cabinet CDC Blows hot air via an air knife onto components. Air from the factory environment is blown through a side channel blower into cabinet. Air is extracted via a motor throttle to ducting Increased productivity
Vacuum drying oven VDC Auxiliary vacuum drying unit for enhanced drying of components that require additional drying. Meeting specific requirements
Compressed air blast TBV Heated compressed air is blown via rotating air nozzles from above onto the parts, enabling components to dry faster Minimizes liquid flow to next tank. Increased productivity; faster drying.
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