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Choose cleanliness, productivity, environmental consideration and a better working environment!

Our partner for aqueous detergents are DST-Chemicals A/S of Denmark with over 30 years of experience in the industry. The DST-Degreez series of detergents has numerous alternatives to choose from. The main benefits of the DST-Degreez range are:

  • Meeting cleanliness standards – a high degreasing effect
  • High productivity and smaller environmental impact – long tank life
  • Better working environment – Scantox-tested and declared non-hazardous

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  • Extends the lifetime of the bath
  • Reduces water consumption
  • Degreases all metal types
  • Does not emulsify the oil
  • Reduces wastewater
  • Is water based and 100% bio degradable detergent
  • Improves the working environment significantly
  • Means less maintenance of the washing machines
  • Extends lifetime of washing machine
  • Improves degreasing quality significantly
  • Allows several metal types in the same bath
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