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Tunnel cleaning systems offer you multiplied cleaning capacity compared with cabin systems. They are ideal for high capacity applications and integration into production processes. Our range includes single-stage systems (washing only) and multi-stage (washing, rinsing and drying option).

All zones in the tunnel system are equipped with multiple spray pipes. The transporter speed as well as the zone lenght are adjusted in accordance with the component sizes and your capacity requirements, in order to achieve the desired cycle time. The re-circulated washing liquid is pumped from each tank with its individual pump into the corresponding zone and it is returned to the tank via a filter basket. The components are tranported through the tunnel with a chain or net transport conveyor. The cleaning is done by spraying the heated liquid onto the components from above, the sides and below in the wash and rinse zones.

Main benefits:

  • Excellent washing quality
  • Very high productivity
  • Flexible to meet your production requirements

Intended for:

  • Metal Working Industry
  • Continuous washing, rinsing and drying of components within an assembly/production line
  • Integration into a production process
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