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Aqua Clean Special

When going beyond the standard range is needed, Aqua Clean Special is there to meet your special requirements. The range includes:

  • Single, Multi and High Flow series systems with modifications
  • Entirely custom-made cleaning systems

Standard machines can be fitted with fixtures that are modified for your components. With these fixtures, you can externally and internally clean complicated components such as hydraulic cylinders, housings, pipework etc. The standard cleaning machine can also be manufactured with an automatic conveyor system.

Intended for:

  • Components that do not fit in a standard machine due to their weight and/or size
  • Washing bogies and wheel sets for trains, components for lorries, buses, aircraft etc.
  • When very high productivity is required, e.g. increasing the productivity of a 4-Stage process by 400% compared with standard
  • When additional automation, such as an automatic conveyor system, is required
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