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Our History

Here is a brief company history since the 1970’s.

  • 1978: Frey Taxell enters the industry by joining Teijo Cleaning Machines Ltd.
  • 1982: Frey Taxell represents Viverk Washers in Finland until 1984
  • 1984: Teijo Cleaning Machines Ltd are acquired by Ehokone.
  • 1987: Ehokone are acquired by Interkemek and Teijo Norge.
  • 1992: Interkemek acquired by Hermanson Ltd of Sweden. In December 10 employees leave Teijo Pesukoneet Ltd, among them Frey Taxell.
  • 1993: Aqua Clean Ltd is founded by Frey Taxell and Sampo Rosenlew Ltd of Finland.
  • 2001: Frey Taxell acquires Aqua Clean Ltd and the company begins the marketing of Sampo-Rosenlew industrial washers under the brand Aqua Clean. Sampo-Rosenlew Ltd are responsible for the Finnish market under their own brand name.
  • 2004: Aqua Clean delivers their first industrial spray wash machine to China.
  • 2005: China becomes Aqua Clean’s largest business zone until 2012.
  • 2009: Aqua Clean commercial cooperation with A Rubertsson AB of Sweden
  • 2011: Aqua Clean Ltd acquires the industrial wash machine production and R&D business from Sampo-Rosenlew Ltd and assumes responsibility for the Finnish market with the Aqua Clean brand.
  • 2012: Aqua Clean export cooperation with Allkal  of Sweden until 2014
  • 2014: Aqua Clean starts distribution in the United States, becoming active on three continents.
  • 2015: Aqua Clean becomes the largest manufacturer of industrial wash machines in the Nordic countries.

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