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Our Approach

On this page you will find info about our approach: customer focus, expertise and experience.

Customer Focus

Before making an offer, we apply a needs analysis methodology so that we can have an understanding of the whole context, to ensure that your needs are met. Points of interest are, among others:

  • What will be washed? What materials, how large and heavy are they?
  • What happens to the component before washing? What will happen to it once it’s clean?
  • What are your requirements or current benchmark in terms of cleanliness, cycle time, and capacity?


Washing quality is largely impacted by:

  • Setting the right temperature, so that the wash liquid will do its job more efficiently whilst keeping energy costs low
  • Using the right amount and type of chemistry, so that the same wash liquid lasts longer
  • Adjusting the wash and rinse cycle time, so that your productivity needs are met
  • Applying the appropriate level of pressure and flow, so that the equipment lasts longer whilst being effective


Over the years, our designers and sales staff have studied thousands of applications and identified associated problems. With this experience, we are able to offer outstanding solutions to different processes and meet the changing demands of the market. You can be sure that our solution won’t become your weakest link.

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