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About us

On this page you will find info about us: our mission, value proposition, approach and history.

Our mission

Aqua Clean’s mission is to resolve the whole cleaning problem of the customer, in all aspects:

  • Technically
  • Cost-effectively
  • Energy-efficiently
  • Minimizing the environmental impact

Our value proposition

  • Quality: our operations are in line with the ISO quality and environmental standards
  • Speed: we offer fast support and short lead times
  • Flexibility: we have a wide range of standard machines with many options and modification possibilities, also customized solutions are available
  • Cost-efficiency: our products and services are competitive and we aim to offer you the best total solution


Our quality and environmental policies have been combined into an operational policy, covering the essential functions of our business units. The policy is based on the SFS EN ISO 9001:2015 quality standard and the SFS EN ISO 14001:2015 environmental standard.

Our aim is further increased customer satisfaction and reduced environmental impact. We are continuously improving the quality of our products and services, to reduce errors and introduce new technology. Additionally, we have over 30 years of international experience and well known references.


Whatever your need, it’s important to us that you get prompt and on-time service from us and our extensive distribution and service network. This applies equally to responding to new enquiries, providing user and on-site support as well as delivering machines and spare parts.


We have a flat organisation and a modern production facility, all our production being on made-to-order basis. Therefore, we can produce the most complex custom-made machines within a reasonable timeframe. We carry all major spare pats in our stock for fast deliveries and we use a modern CRM and ERP system to plan and keep track of things.


We choose our suppliers carefully, without sacrificing quality. Our machines are simple to install in existing environments, require little service, and in most cases you will also find components subject to wear at a supplier near you. It’s important to us that you can avoid hidden costs.

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