On this page you will find info about oil separators: technical description, applications and suction devices.

Aqua Clean oil separators are the most effective of their kind, outperforming any disc style skimmer. The tramp oil is collected from the surface of liquid by means of clever self-adjusting suction device. A gentle pneumatically operated diaphragm pump is used so that no foam is formed and the oil collected is not mixed into solution. The unwanted Oil and light fragments are fed into the waste oil container and the cleaned liquid is returned back to the wash tank.

Aqua Clean Oil Separators are used to remove free oil in these applications:

  • removal of free oil from surface of process-fluids
  • degreasing baths
  • cutting emulsions
  • industrial wastewaters.


A variety of suction devices are available for the Aqua Clean oil separators, depending on the amount and quality of oil to be removed as well as the tank design and position. Suction units can be floating on the surface  or in a fixed position attached to the wall of the tank. Due to the intelligent design no air is mixed into the oil collected, thus the forming of foam is minimized.